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7 Lazy P Offers The Best Bob Marshall Wilderness Hunts

Whatever your weapon, season, or method, at 7 Lazy P Outfitting we can most likely fit you into a hunt that will meet your needs. We pride ourselves in offering premier crew, camps, and knowledge for all of our professional Bob Marshall Wilderness Hunts.

We offer both archery hunts and rifle hunts. We have pack-in wilderness hunts that we conduct from our 3 permitted camps. These hunts can be fully guided hunts (2 on 1, or 1 on 1), unguided hunts, and drop camps. The unguided hunts are based out of one of our permanent campsites and feature a cook and a packer and up to 6 hunters. Hunters will hunt on their own. Drop camps are for 2-4 people. Drop campers will be “dropped” off at a fully-furnished camp with their gear and food. This is an economical, do-it-yourself hunt. We also conduct hunts from the 7 Lazy P guest ranch in the later general season.

Fully Guided Pack-In Archery or Rifle Wilderness Hunts 

These traditional pack-in, fully-guided hunts will generally consist of a maximum of 6 hunters. The crew will consist of a guide for every two hunters, a packer, and a wilderness chef. The camp will be a traditional, backcountry tent camp with nice wall tents that will all have a wood stove in them along with cots and pads. The large cook tent will be the hub of the camp. The cook will have everything to prepare excellent meals. You can expect a table with chairs and nice warming stove to make for a comfortable place to relax and visit. There is a tent for the guides and packer and one or two tents for the hunters depending on how many hunters there are. There is an outhouse and a shower tent. You will access these camps on horseback and mule train. Hunting will usually be on foot, with horses being used to extend the hunting range. Scabbards are provided.

Early Season Rifle


Drop Camps 

Drop camps are a great option for those do-it-yourselfers. They are best for 2-4 guests. They will generally consist of one wall tent with cots, a wood stove, and all the necessary kitchen essentials. The hunter/guest is responsible for food, personal gear, weapon & ammunition, hunting license,etc. Those that take advantage of a drop camp will get specific instruction on how to care for food. Bear-proof boxes will be provided for food storage. A packer will pack your gear and food into the camp and you will ride horses to the location. The packer will then take all the stock back out and will pick you up at the end of the trip. We require guests in the drop camps to have some form of communication (satellite phone) so that someone back at the Guest Ranch can be contacted should game need to be packed out.

Drop Camp


General Season Guided Big-Game Hunts

The general season big-game hunts are based from the 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch. These are fully-guided hunts with 2 hunters : 1 guide unless arrangements are made for a 1:1 hunt. Cabins with beds and bathroom facilities are provided for the guests on these hunts. Guests on these hunts will need to bring personal gear, weapon & ammunition. All meals are provided. Hunting will be on foot or horseback. Scabbards will be provided when riding.

General Season


Unguided Pack-In Archery or Rifle Wilderness Hunts 

These hunts are set up the same as the fully-guided camps described above. The only difference is the crew will just be a packer and a wilderness chef, and no guides. The hunters will go out on their own. The packer will tend to the stock and retrieve and pack out any game that is taken and can offer some suggestions on how to maneuver through the area. The wilderness cook will prepare and take care of all the meals and manage the food. The hunters will just need to bring their weapon & ammunition, personal gear, hunting license, etc. Hunting will be done on foot with the packer using the mules to retrieve game. This is a very comfortable camp.

Early Season Rifle

Private Land And Special Draw Hunts

We also offer private land and special draw hunts. Both of these hunts are tailored to you and their structure will depend entirely upon your goals.

Private Land
Special Draw


How We Hunt

We walk out of camp a considerable amount but may also use horses to get several miles from camp depending on the current situation. Typically, for elk, our hunting strategies would be to visit those areas that have produced elk encounters on prior occasions.  During the archery and early rifle season we use judicious calling techniques to locate bulls and then use our experience to the best advantage to make contact. If we are looking for mule deer later in the year we may have to look over a lot of country and spend quite a bit of time behind glasses and spotting scopes.  

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