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See The Best Of Bob During Our Chinese Wall Pack Trips

The Bob Marshall Wilderness, often referred to simply as The Bob, follows the spectacular Continental Divide for 60 untouched miles and is one of the most well-preserved wilderness ecosystems in the continental United States. One of its premier attractions: the Chinese Wall. At 7 Lazy P Outfitting, we’re lucky enough to offer trips that take guests along 22 miles of unbroken rock escarpment and experience heights of over 1,000 feet during our highly popular Chinese Wall pack trips.

This place, and our Chinese Wall pack trips, is the kind of experience most people only dream about with its towering forests, rugged peaks, alpine lakes, and cascading waterfalls. However, your imagination and senses come alive while hiking and horseback riding for seven full days during our Chinese Wall pack trips.

Backcountry Beauty

Our Chinese Wall pack trips includes 360 views of the Sun River Valley, including the Swan Range to the west, Scapegoat Mountain, the Flathead Alps, and on a clear day – the peaks of Glacier National Park. From sunrise to sunset, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the wildlife that call these landscapes home, including bald eagles, black bears, elk, moose and mountain goats. 

Not many people travel into this remote area, which makes our Chinese Wall pack trips a true gem for travelers seeking solitude combined with stunning high-country scenery. Our premier string of mules carries all your gear during these trips and a seasoned crew will ensure that each night’s camp is as comfortable as possible, with  quality tents, comfortable cots, camp chairs, a custom kitchen, and good equipment.

Experienced Outfitters

At 7 Lazy P Outfitting, we take pride in every part of our operation. While each trip indulges the scenes through scenic views, you’ll also dine on made-from-scratch western fare and grass-fed beef. Plus, our Chinese Wall trips include camp layovers, which will give you plenty of time to walk through wildflower-filled meadows or cast a fishing line in a nearby stream. 

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Middle Fork Flathead Trip



$2500 per person

Sept 5-10

Trilobite Range



$3800 per person

August 15-22

North Chinese Wall



$3350 per person


July 25-31

Aug 9-15

South Chinese Wall



$3800 per person

July 15-22

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