Summer Trip Booking Info

How To Book

1.Contact 7 Lazy P Outfitting to check that there is a spot for you on your desired trip.

2.A deposit of 50% of the price of the trip will book your trip (25% if booked more then a year out). 7 Lazy P Outfitting accepts checks or credit cards.

3.7 Lazy P Outfitting will send you a Service Agreement to fill out.

What To Bring

Once you book a trip with 7 Lazy P Outfitting, an extensive gear list will be provided to use as a guide when packing for the trip.

All Journeys Start Here 

The night before your trip leaves, you will spend the night at the historic 7 Lazy P guest ranch in a quaint cabin. We have 5 guest cabins of various configurations to accommodate singles, couples, families, or small groups of friends. Settle in, relax, meet the stock. Your evening will include a homestyle meal in the lodge getting to know the crew. Following dinner, discussions about the final details of your trip will take place in the lodge. This is the time to ask last minute questions as you retire to your cabin to finish preparing your gear and for a good night’s rest. In the morning, the packers will be readying the stock and gear. After breakfast, you will meet your horse, be fitted to a saddle, be given instruction on some horesmanship, andthe crew will finish packing and loading the mules and then, you’re on the trail to magnificent destinations! The reverse will happen the night you come out from your trip. Unpacking, showers, dinner, visiting, a good night’s rest! All of this is included in the price of your trip.

The 7 Lazy P is unique in that it is the only pack station in the Bob Marshall Complex located directly on a trailhead.

When To Arrive

All dates given on trip itineraries are for the actual trip departure and return dates. You will need to arrive at the 7 lazy P Guest Ranch no later than the afternoon prior to the date of your trip departure. Guests should plan to leave the lodge mid morning the day after your trip. In other words, an 8 day pack trip will require a 10 day time commitment. So you will need to make your travel arrangements accordingly. If you would like to arrive early or stay later, please contact us for availability. The closest air service is Great Falls, MT which is about 80 miles from the Guest Ranch. Airport shuttle service to and from the Great Falls International Airport is included in the price of the trip. We may ask guests to be patient and flexible as often times there is more than one person/group arriving at different times throughout the day and it helps us out if we can make one airport pick-up.

Trip Capacity

The trips can take a maximum of 15 people. Each trip typically has a 5 person crew : 2 packers with the mule strings, a wilderness chef, the trip leader who rides with the guests, and a “5th wheel” who often will ride with the guests and help out wherever needed in camp and on the trail. We may reduce the size of the crew on trips with very few guests. A full trip generally has 5 crew and 10 guests.

Backcountry Camping

Our exceptional string of mules carry all the gear for your trip. Your crew will almost magically assemble a complete camp from piles of gear. You will find quality tents, camp chairs, a custom kitchen, and good equipment. We take pride in every aspect of our operation and feel the details are what make a successful trip, whether caring for the guests, the stock or the equipment. You can expect delightful, western cuisine for your backcountry fare. Our cooks turn out fresh, homemade meals, featuring our very own grass fed beef. Bring your own wine, beer, or liquor for an added evening refreshment. You will have plenty of time for conversation and relaxing around an evening campfire. Most of the trip itineraries spend two nights in each camp so there is a layover day to enjoy fishing, hiking, or just reading a book and taking a nap. Check with us on your trip’s exact itinerary as they do vary some.

Moving Days

On moving days we often have the riders traveling independent of the pack strings to reduce congestion on the trail and allow that portion of the crew to reach a campsite ahead of the guests to begin set up. We try and get on the trail by 9:30 – 10:00 AM. We will stop for a short break prior to lunch, and then stop for about a 30 min. lunch break, then usually one more quick stop in the afternoon prior to reaching the campsite. It is always good to get into a campsite by about 3:30, so depending on the mileage and time required, your guide will manage travel accordingly. When we arrive at a campsite the crew will assist guests in securing their horse. We will have you remove any clothing and the horn bags from your saddle. Guests may need to be patient as the crew works to transform neatly packed mule loads into an accommodating camp. This is a good time to just relax for a minute, everything will be ready shortly.


Camp will consist of a large kitchen fly with a complete kitchen to prepare incredible meals. Guests are provided with high quality tents that comfortably sleep two adults. Single guests may be issued slightly smaller tents. Once instructed on proper tent set-up, we encourage the guests to select their own location and set up their own tents. This is a good activity for guests while the crew is busy setting up the kitchen, getting wood and water, and tending to the stock . If anyone needs assistance crew members are always there to help. There will be camp stools available. A latrine tent is set up at each campsite and the opportunity for a shower is available on layover days.

Setting up and taking down the camp and putting the whole thing on the backs of mules is an incredible task that is handled efficiently by the experienced crew. It is important for guests to be ready on moving days so as not to delay the process. Layover days are for relaxing and having a leisurely breakfast. On moving days breakfast will be from 7:00am until 7:30am. There is a lot to do and it is always good to have extra time at the end of the day rather than to be late and run into trouble. Cooperation is expected and required on these days.


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