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Experience Elk Hunting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Elk hunting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness is an incredible bucket-list experience. Not only is the scenery remarkable, but it’s fair chase hunting just as nature intended.

During your time with 7 Lazy P Outfitting, you’ll see a plethora of game animals and experience breathtaking terrain around every turn. Plus, sections of The Bob are part of the elk migration corridor that’s used by elk during winter. The Bob’s dense timbers and meadows provide elk with an ideal mixture of shelter and food, with this unique combination making elk sightings and hunting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness truly remarkable.

Montana, A Premier Elk Hunting Destination

The State of Montana manages elk population to provide opportunity, and in doing so, produces a large amount of trophy animals. Montana is ranked second for producing the most 400+” non-typical bulls and equal second for the amount of Boone and Crockett typicals. While this is impressive, trophy potential in the Bob Marshall Wilderness varies greatly. There is a realistic chance for large animals, but if the trophy size of the elk you harvest is your only measure of a successful hunt, then our elk hunts are probably not for you.

Why Hunt With 7 Lazy P Outfitting?

At 7 Lazy P Outfitting, we pride ourselves in pack-in backcountry trips that offer elk hunters a true fair chase experience. Our guides can’t promise that you’ll kill something, but our crew can promise that we’ll provide you with all the ingredients needed to have the trip of a lifetime in Montana. If you enjoy being outdoors and want to see what true wilderness looks like, then this is the elk hunt for you.

The Early Bird Really Does Get The Worm

Our early season rifle hunts are unique in that they offer rifle hunters the opportunity to experience the elk rut. The archery hunts are pack-in wilderness trips that operate out of one of three permitted camps. All of our general season hunts are lodge based at the 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch. Don’t wait. Plan to book your hunting trip early by contacting us here for available trip dates. 

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