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How to Prepare for Wilderness Camping in Montana

If you’re planning a camping trip in the wilderness but don’t have a lot of experience, one of the most important things you can do is to prepare. Being as ready as possible is essential when you’re out in the wilds and this goes beyond simply packing correctly. Knowing how to prepare for wilderness camping can help you feel confident when you’re out in nature. 

Hike Some Local Trails  

It’s important to get your body and mind ready for your trip. One of the best ways to do this is to get out and hike some trails in your area. This will help you learn what kind of pace you’re comfortable with as well as how long you can keep going. Knowing your limits before you go is a great way to have a successful trip. 

Practice Setting Up Your Gear

If you’re using gear you’re not familiar with, it’s a good idea to set it up and tear it down a few times at home. This will give you a feel for how your tent and chairs are put together so you aren’t wasting time on site.

Make Sure You Pack the Right Clothing

Knowing what kind of clothing to pack is essential for wilderness camping. Make sure you understand what the weather will be like and what items you’ll need to feel comfortable. Being properly dressed for the weather is key not only for your comfort but also for your safety.  

Need a Guide for Wilderness Camping in Montana? 

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