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What to Wear On a Guided Hiking Trip in Montana

When heading out for a trip in the wilderness, it’s incredibly important to be as prepared as you possibly can. Having everything you need will make all the difference when it comes to how comfortable you are and how successful the trip is. Knowing what to wear on a guided hiking trip in Montana will help. 

Moisture-Wicking Shirts

When choosing clothes for your trip, pick pieces that can wick away moisture. Whether you’re hiking in cold or hot temperatures, you’ll want to keep sweat from building up on your body. Merino wool and other synthetic fabrics are going to be your best bet. 

Trail-Appropriate Pants

Your pants should match the type of terrain you’re going to be hiking in. If the trail is fairly open, shorts are fine, but if there’s a lot of tall grass, you’ll want to wear long pants to keep ticks and other parasites from latching onto your legs. Knowing what the trail is like ahead of time will help. 

Packable Jacket 

No matter what kind of weather you’ll be hiking in, you want to make sure you have a jacket just in case the temperatures drop more than you thought they would. In these cases, a jacket that can be easily packed for your guided hiking trip is crucial. If possible, find a jacket that can be rolled up extra tight and is meant for backpacking. 

Want to Go On the Best Guided Hiking Trip in Montana?

If you’re looking for a wilderness experience you’ll never forget with a guide who knows how you should prepare, 7 Lazy P Outfitters is here to help. Whether you’re interested in a summer trip, hunting expedition, or just want to relax at our guest ranch, we provide all kinds of outdoor activities out in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Contact us today or make a reservation for the adventure of a lifetime! 

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