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The Naturalist trip for 2021 is the Scapegoat

Dr. Wenfei Tong will be joining this trip to share her expertise about all things nature.
Dr. Wenfei Tong is a biologist and conservationist who deeply enjoys sharing her love for the natural world through writing, drawing, photography, guiding and teaching. She has just finished writing a popular science book about bird family life for Princeton University Press.
Wenfei has spent much of her research career on grasslands around the world, studying the family relationships that structure wild zebra societies in Kenya, and more recently, grassland birds in Montana. Her PhD from Harvard focused on cooperative behaviour among mice in the fields of Eastern Europe, and as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, she studied conflict between parasitic birds and their hosts on game farms and ranches in Zambia.

Wenfei found she especially enjoyed sharing her love of nature with others when she began volunteering at a local wetland reserve as a teenager, and has also led natural history trips around the world, including to the Galapagos, Central Asia, and Tanzania. When she isn’t being a professor in Alaska, she loves lecturing to hapless hikers and horse riders, and now runs a nature tour company in Montana.

We are excited to have Wenfei on this astounding journey into the Bob Marshall and the natural world it encompasses!


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