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Not All Montana Bob Marshall Outfitters Are Created Equal

7 Lazy P Outfitting accommodates special draw hunts for species such as bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and moose. We are your premier Montana Bob Marshall outfitters, because our guides are familiar with the area and hunting districts. Our expertise and knowledge can improve both your chances and ease of locating, retrieving, and professionally caring for your trophy.

What Is A Special Draw?

Special draw permits are decided on a random lottery draw. Applicants can gain extra chances to draw their selected permit through bonus points. Bonus points can be purchased separately on their own or accumulated through unsuccessful drawings. The bonus points are squared, so an applicant with 3 points will have 9 chances of being drawn for their desired permit.

Special draw permits offer discerning hunters a great opportunity to pursue a trophy animal in a limited entry area. At 7 Lazy P, we encourage all of our hunters to put in for these permits and to start building points. This is because, the bonus points are squared to determine your chances, so it does not take long before you have a really good chance of drawing a permit.

How Should I Use My Draw?

Once you draw a permit we can then come up with a strategy of how to make the best use of it. As there are also special draw permits for deer and elk. These permits are only valid for a specific species in a limited district, and are additional to the deer and elk licenses that are valid throughout Montana. We have some fantastic private land options available, along with guided public land hunts, for mule deer permits.  

Why 7 Lazy P Outfitting?

The 7 Lazy P lodge is perfectly positioned to allow you to hunt the 441 district. If you draw a bull elk tag for the 441 area, then we have some brilliant opportunities for you to harvest a truly magnificent bull. As your premier Montana Bob Marshall outfitters, we honor that drawing a special tag for these species is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we will help to make the most of it.

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